Asian Market in Tenerife

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  1. riana says:

    Thank god i found this post. Hehe have no idea where to buy asian spices nearby. I live in costa adeje so it is not very far from 5 continentes.will go and check what they have there 🙂

  2. An The says:

    Hoi, I’m so lucky I have found your website so I can ask you some questions. Do you know if I can found Wantan sheets for Pangsiet goreng and fish (Squid) sauce for sale in Tenerife ? And can you tell me also the store(s) I can buy them ?
    Many thanks for your help.
    Salam manis, An

    • Ada Indonesia says:

      Yes you can go to the Asian market in Valdes Center in Los Cristianos. The building is in front of the bus stop station.
      There you can find the Wanton sheets in the freezer section and also fish sauce in the sauce section.
      The name of this Asian store is Comercial Sonton. See its detail information in the article.

  3. Dita says:

    Hola.. thank you sharingnya. Nemu blog ini dari google, lagi nyari asian grocery store ceritanya. Ini kali kedua kami liburan di Tenerife. Tiga tahun yll kami ke Tenerife jg, nemu asian store di city center Playa de las America, jd penasaran krn ga ingat alamatnya. Ingatnya cuman dekat2 pantai, tokonya pojokan, pinggir jalan. Lumayan walaupun gak terlalu lengkap. Ada pok coy, bakso & indomie

  4. Dita says:

    We finally found the one we visited 3 yrs ago. Its name is ‘Chao’, located near Colombus hotel Playa de las America. Just next to Super Dino. The store is small, but they have the ‘basic stuffs’ for sure, some asian veggies & fruits and freshly made tofu (it’s still warm!)

  5. Paul clifford says:

    Thank-you for your help

  6. Tony says:

    I am looking for Yunnan Baiyo powder in Tenerife anyone know where i can get it please

  7. siti azizah binti mahmed says:

    Hi kamu orang Indonesia? Saya orang Malaysia kamu masih di tenerife?

  8. siti azizah binti mahmed says:

    U dari mana.. saya Azizah living in Puerto de la cruz tenerife

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