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  1. dear Tika,
    actually I have a family name..
    it listed on my ID Card, but not listed on my birth certificate..
    then if I want to display it on my passport, should I just ask the immigration to write it?
    anyway, I’m still in Indonesia and haven’t made a passport, yet..

  2. Ada Indonesia says:

    Thanks for the question Dita. Usually passport is make based on your ID card. So, if your family name is written on your ID card, it will be written also on your passport. The problem is, our Indonesian passport don’t have the separation column between the name and surname (like in other passport have, ex. European passport). Anyway if you have any problem like me when you’re abroad, you need to ask a declaration from Indonesian Embassy (like what I did). Actually not every country make a problem about this surname..because here in Spain, they didn’t ask or make any problem about my surname (also for other Indonesian that living in Spain), usually they will use their last name to use as surname (in your case Revita will be your surname). But anyway when you will make your passport you can also ask the immigration office if they can make a note about your surname.. Semoga berhasil. Good luck!

  3. Makasi, infonya sangat bermanfaat. Saya pembaca setia di blog ini.
    Kontennya bener-bener joss…

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