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About this site:

ada indonesiaWelcome to Ada Indonesia!

Sharing is a good way to connect with other people around the world. You can give knowledge and even get knowledge by sharing. We are a mixed couple (Indonesia & Italy) married in 2012. We’ve been through a lot of things to get married and finally stay and live together as husband & wife.

When we decided to get marry we faced a lot of  problems especially with the bureaucracy. We need to find out how to get the documents to get marry, then how to bring me to Europe and register our marriage. We don’t know where to start, and we asked help from the people near us. In the end, we’ve finally succeed. We’re now staying in Tenerife, and have a happy marriage life here. Based on our experience, we want to help other mixed couples having the same situation like us and want to get marry in Indonesia. Hope that the information that we write here can help you.

Have a new life as a wife, force me to learn more how to cook. Because I want to make my husband happy and proud to have a good private chef at home. So, slow but sure I tried to find recipes and tried one by one. It’s not easy to find a good recipe out there. Not all the recipes that you found in the magazine or internet or even from your families and friends are in the right measurement of ingredients. Sometimes you need to modify a little bit, or sometimes that recipes just bring you to a disaster food. From all the recipes that I tried and modified, I got a bunch of delicious food in my hand and I’m thinking to share that recipes for you in this website.

Once in a while we posts also some tips that we already tried at home. We also find out that we really like to travel and try a lot of different cuisine and restaurant from around the world. So, we want to share with you the restaurants that we think are good. You can find the posts about places that we’ve been visited such as Bali, Italy, Spain and many more here. Maybe if you’re planning to travel to the places that we’ve been visited, you can find suggestions of good places to visit, to sleep, or where to eat.

Why Ada Indonesia?

Because in Ada Indonesia you can find a lot of things, from information, tips, and recipes. In just one website you can find information from some countries that we’ve been visited.

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We love also to hear your comments to improve our website. And if you have any good information, tips, or recipes, do not hesitate to write to us. We will help you to publish it here in Ada Indonesia on behalf of your name.

Thanks to visit and become our family. Have a nice day everyone. Hug and peace for the world…