Asian Market “Bergamo, Italy”

Hey..hey..hey!! Good morning everybody…did you have a great night? Me too… even makes me want to stay on bed longer (it’s just a reason, anyway it’s just me that feel lazy to wake up in the morning. hehehe…).

Do you remember that we were in Italy some weeks ago? Yup…that’s the right time for me to took a picture of Asian market there in Bergamo. I want to let you know my favourite Asian market there. Of course it’s important, because it’s the first Asian market that helped me to find Asian food/ingredients.

Actually there are quite a lot of Asian markets in Bergamo, but I will just give you my 2 favourite shops. It’s quite near to my parents-in-law house and this 2 shops already gave me quite variety of Asian food.

vietnam africa market - asian market bergamo


Vietnam – Africa Market

Via Angelo Maj 1, 24121 Bergamo, Italia.

I like this shop because it’s clean, well arranged, and the staff there is very friendly and kind. I always like to go to a place where I feel welcome. The owner is Vietnamese but she can speak Italian very well. You can find a lot of kind of sauces, noodles, Asian snacks, or even fresh vegetables. It’s open everyday except Sunday and on red calendar.



Oriental African Market - asian market bergamo


Oriental & African Market 2

Via Foro Boario 9, 24121 Bergamo, Italia.

This shop is not really far from the Vietnamese Shop. Usually if I couldn’t find something there, I came directly to this shop. So they complete each others. The owner of this shop is Chinese. The shop is bigger but not really well arranged. I like this shop because they have more Japanese items. This shop also have lots of variety of Asian food and also fresh vegetables.



So guys…that’s all for today. If you live or want to visit Bergamo, you can check them out. These shops are in the center of Bergamo, so they are easy to find. Don’t forget also to check my other post of Asian Market in Tenerife.

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